timbertech vs trex

A deck is estimated to raise property values by up to $10,000!

The deck has always been a comfortable sanctuary. The wood materials of the past have been replaced with composite materials. These materials still provide all the structure of a wood deck, but the composite decking material is more customizable.

Composite decking has allowed you to make the deck of your dreams! There are two main composite deckings that are popular, those are timbertech and trex.

Timbertech vs trex, which one is better? Let’s find out!


Timbertech created its first composite decking board in 1996.

Timbertech is most well known for the way that it seals their boards. The boards are “capped” as they call it, on all four sides, with a plastic protective shell. This shell is useful as it stops the growth of mold, staining, and fading. Timbertech also offers its composite decking in a variety of colors.

Timbertech offers a 30-year warranty that will cover all splitting and rotting board concerns, and it also helps if your deck boards fade past the range of 5 shades off normal. The warranty is time-dependent though, so the closer to the 30 years the less is paid out for repair costs.


Arguably the most well known in composite decking, Trex started it all!

Trex decking boards are capped on the top of the board. They say that it is important to leave the bottom open since water will eventually get in, and needs to be let out to prevent the water from expanding. It’s important to note that Trex boards are known to be the most resistant to scratching of all available boards.

Trex also offers a 25-year warranty that covers all the same splitting and board concerns and even works the same as the Timbertech does.

Timbertech vs Trex

It’s time to learn the differences, let’s put them head to head!

First, Timbertech boards are known to be more weather resistant and sun resistant due to the capping on all four sides. The bottom of the Timbertech boards is not kept open like Trex ones are. Timbertech also allows for more customization in their board styles and colors.

The Trex boards are known to be more resistant to scratching, making them good if you are concerned about how the deck will look. The Trex boards are also slightly cheaper than the Timbertech boards, with both pricing their product in different tiers that raise in price as you go up the tiers. Trex open bottom boards are great at preventing future surface separation, and the resistance of the boards makes them better for furniture or as a surface for kids to play on.

So Who Wins?

Both Timbertech and Trex use recycled products to create their decking boards!

The answer to timbertech vs trex must be answered individually. It really all depends on what you would need out of a deck, this will be an extension of your home after all! If you want more customization and a fully capped product, go with Timbertech. If you want the oldest name in the industry, and the most resistant board on the market, go with Trex.

There are no bad decisions, Either way, you will have a deck to make your neighbors envious for the next 25-30 years!