An outdoor patio can be a fantastic addition to any home. The charming ambiance created by a custom patio is unmatched, and the right design can create a valuable extension to your home. Whether its gravel, stone, or brick, your outdoor patio will be a relaxing space for you and your family as well as an inviting area for entertaining guests.

Paul Construction is ready to help you create the custom outdoor patio you’ve always wanted. But before you embark on the design and construction of a new patio, there are three things you want to consider: size, medium, and maintenance.

1. Patio Size

It’s important to think about how large or small you want your patio to be before you begin the construction process. Map out the space you have available for a new outdoor patio and decide how much of that area you want to dedicate to the patio. You also want to determine the primary use for your patio. Do you want a quaint, relaxing spot around your garden or do you want your patio to be a sport where your guests will gather around a table for meals and conversation? These factors will help you determine what size will best accommodate your preferences.

things to consider before building a patio

2. Patio Medium

Your patio is meant to be an extension of your home, so it’s best to pick matching materials for your patio medium. Think about what would look best next to your home based on its current design. You also want to think about the design and what patio mediums will be able to reflect it. Brick outdoor patios have a number of potential options, while stone slabs offer a little more customization.

Also consider the purpose of your outdoor patio and pick a medium that will be able to hold up. If you plan to cook on your patio, you’ll need a medium that can stand up to stains and the other burdens of cooking.

3. Patio Maintenance

custom patios and hardscapesDepending on what type of patio you want to add to your home, you’ll have to consider the maintenance needed to keep it in good condition. Some patio designs will require more maintenance than others will. While one patio may only require the occasional power wash to remove any debris, another may need staining, sealing, and washing to keep its elegant finish. You need to consider how much time and effort you can and are willing to dedicate to maintaining your new patio before you begin building.

An outdoor patio is a beautiful and useful extension of your home. It creates an outdoor living space that can be enjoyed for a number of different purposes, plus it’s visually appealing and can increase the value of your home.

If you’re interested in learning more about the potential of an outdoor patio and what the right design would be for you, contact the professionals at Paul Construction LLC.