Solarium vs. Sunroom

If you find yourself wishing you had additional living space, you should first consider expanding on your current home rather than going house hunting. When deciding what type of expansion to go for, many homeowners debate between solarium vs. sunroom options. Which option you choose depends on how you’re planning to use the space.

Which To Choose – Solarium vs. Sunroom

Sunrooms and solariums, while similar, are different structures. Neither one is necessarily better – it just depends on your personal preferences and housing needs. So what are the differences between the two? Read on.

  1. Purpose of the room. Both types of rooms will provide you with that much needed extra space in your home. A solarium is a room made up of a glass roof and walls. It is referred to as a conservatory. The purpose of all the glass in the structure is to capture as much light as possible while still being protected from the outdoor elements. This is perfect if you want to place plants in the solarium and use it as a greenhouse. Sunrooms are typically made of mostly windows, but is not entirely made of glass like a solarium. A sunroom allows you to enjoy nature without feeling like you are fully outdoors. You can easily access the outdoors, as many sunrooms have doors leading right to the outside – sometimes onto a custom porch or patio. For year round use, some sunrooms are equipped with HVAC packages or vinyl wall systems.
  2. Pros and Cons of a Solarium. Solariums are impressive structures because you have an unobstructed view of your surroundings, including the sky! Imagine watching a rain storm from all angles while still being protected within your solarium. However, this structure needs constant cleaning because of all the glass. The roof will get dirty from bird droppings, tree sap (if you have nearby trees), pollen, etc. And if you don’t want constant sunshine coming through, you’ll need to get custom blinds to cover the roof and walls. Without the insulated roof, this room tends to be “energy inefficient.”
  3. Pros and Cons of a Sunroom. A sunroom can usually be used year round with the proper construction, such as a thermo-insulated solid roof. The windows are fully functional and can be equipped with screens – some homeowners couldn’t live without Sunesta retractable screens! Sunrooms are low maintenance and provide a great natural-feeling hangout with the desired privacy of enclosure. However, don’t expect to star gaze while sitting in your sunroom because it does not provide that full glass view of the sky like a solarium.
  4. Cost. Solariums tend to be double the price of sunrooms and require a lot more in maintenance costs. And keep in mind that glass costs can really add up. Sunrooms have a high return on investment and usually have better warranties.

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