What Makes Our Roll out Awnings for Patios Superior

Whether you want respite from the sun or shelter from the rain, a roll out awning provides superior protection during any season. But not all awnings are created equal. Cheap fabrics and low-quality frames will tear and warp over time, turning your canopy into an eyesore that will tank your curbside appeal. At Paul Construction, we install only the best roll out awnings for patios, ensuring you have a solution that will last for years to come.

We carry a wide range of awnings suitable for any space, large or small. With our added optional features, you can unlock a new world of style, convenience, and comfort. Call 610-287-1623 today to get a quote.

Read on to find out what sets our roll out awnings apart from the rest:

1. Our Roll out Awnings Give You More Control

During the heat of summer, blocking out the midday glare can help you maintain cool indoor temps. But in the winter, when every ray of sunlight helps, a fixed awning will only get in the way of the warmth. Roll out or retractable awnings give you superior control, allowing you to project or retract your canopy in response to the changing lighting conditions and shifting seasons.

2. Our Roll out Awnings Last Longer

The ability to project and retract your awning not only enhances your light control but also extends your canopy’s lifespan. Awnings are exposed to the elements, and even the most durable canopy will eventually buckle under pressure. As a result, fixed awnings usually begin to fade or degrade within three years. Stashing your canopy when nobody is using your patio will help preserve your coverage for future use.

3. Our Roll out Awnings Are Customizable

Typically, fixed awnings are restricted to a small pool of possible materials. Finding the perfect match for your home and landscape is often impossible, forcing homeowners to sacrifice either functionality or aesthetics. But with our roll out awnings, you can have the features you need and the style you want. Our Sunesta products are available in 150 different fabrics, colors, and patterns, and we can help you choose the right design combination to elevate every inch of your landscape.

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