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There are countless ways to enhance the look of your outdoor space, but a Sunesta awning can add style while also improving your comfort and wellbeing. Want to enjoy al fresco dining in the rain? Or escape the sun and relax in the shade? A retractable awning puts the control in your hands. If you’re looking for retractable awnings in Waterford Township, contact Paul Construction.

We hand-select all the awnings in our inventory to provide our customers with the most attractive and durable products available. Our Sunesta awnings come with a warranty of at least 10 years and are Miami-Dade hurricane certified.

Need help choosing the perfect color, pattern, or material? No problem! With more than 25 years of industry experience, our team can help you make the perfect pick.

We carry canvas awnings, Sunesta retractable awnings, and the Sunesta Sunplus canopy. We also install stylish window and door awnings as well as Sunesta Sentry retractable screens. Call 610-287-1623 to learn more.

Why Are Sunesta Awnings Superior to Other Brands?

There are dozens of awning manufacturers who claim to have the best products, but many of them use low-quality materials and do not offer warranties. Sunesta, however, has been a pioneer in the awning industry since 1981 and continually raises the bar with advanced engineering and innovative designs. Their flagship product, The Sunesta retractable awning, comes with a five-year warranty on the motor, a 10-year warranty on the fabric, and a lifetime warranty on the frame.

Sunesta’s awnings are built with waterproof materials. Unlike water resistant materials, which have a special coating that repels water (but will eventually fade), waterproof awnings are designed with materials that repel water without a coating. That means waterproof awnings are less susceptible to fading and tend to last much longer. The Sunesta’s awning material is also resistant to mold and mildew.

Rust and scratches are another factor to consider when buying a retractable awning. The Sunesta has powder-coated frames and a finish that’s up to eight times thicker than paint, so it’s less susceptible to rust and scratches and requires less maintenance.

Awnings in Waterford Township | Paul Construction

At Paul Construction, we carry a variety of Sunesta products with plenty of colors, patterns, and awning sizes to choose from. Call us today at 610-287-1623 to get a quote, and be sure to ask about our retractable screens and retractable awnings in Waterford Township.