Any home improvement project can be a big investment. Before you hire a company to beautify the interior or exterior of your house, you’ll want to make sure the firm is the right fit for your needs.

What do I ask my desk builder?

The following questions are the top 10 picks you should ask a custom deck supplier before you sign on the dotted line:

  1. How long have you been building decks? Although everybody has to start somewhere, you’ll want to find a company that has ample experience under its belt.
  2. Do you have a warranty? You’ll want to account for the fact that something may go wrong with the project. Manufacturer’s warranties are essential, but a reputable deck supplier will also stand by its own work and be willing to fix problems if they arise.
  3. When can my project begin? You may be ready for the work to begin next week, but the deck supplier may not have availability to begin your project for months. Make sure you’re clear on these terms before you choose a company.
  4. How long will construction last? The length of deck-building projects can vary greatly. Talk to the experts to make sure you have a solid idea as to how long your deck build will take, and make sure that any lengthy estimates are something you can truly live with. You don’t want to get frustrated with construction halfway through the project.
  5. May I see any of your work in person? You should be able to ask for references, and there should be availability for you to see past projects that were created by your potential deck supplier as well as those that are currently under construction.
  6. What types of licensing do you have? There are many license types that your potential partner firm may have, so ask for all of the credentials. Ask if the company holds a general contractor license, a deck or fence license, and any other applicable credentials.
  7. How do you determine pricing? Nobody likes surprises when it comes to a final invoice. Make sure you understand everything that goes into how the company determines billing for work.
  8. Will permits be necessary for my project? It’s common for zoning permits to be required for additions or updates to a home or the surrounding area. If you need permits for your new deck, ask whether the deck builder will be taking care of those details or you need to.
  9. Do you hire subcontractors or is everyone on the team an employee of your company? Sometimes subcontractors are necessary to get the job done, but before work begins on your deck, make sure you’re clear about the relationship of the people who will be working on your project. The use of subcontractors may require additional licensing or insurance, so make sure you check on those credentials, too.
  10. What types of materials will you be using? Great prices for low-quality products and materials negate the process. Ask if the lumber will be pressure treated and find out whether the metal hangers and nails being used are ACQ compliant. Make sure you understand the types of screws that will be used and ask if they come with any type of guarantee. Find out about the grade of lumber that will be used and ask if there are precautions being put into place to prevent rust from metal.

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