Permanent Awnings in Voorhees

With so many colors, patterns, and materials to choose from, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when shopping for a deck or patio awning. This decision is based on the perfect design for your commercial or residential building and the level of comfort you are in need of; and if you make the wrong choice, you could wind up wasting your money for something that is not what you had in mind. With more than 25 years of industry experience, the professionals at Paul Construction can help you find the perfect permanent awnings in Voorhees to fit your needs.

Our Sunesta retractable awnings come with a warranty of at least 10 years on the fabric and a lifetime warranty on the frame. They’re also rust- and scratch-resistant and Miami-Dade hurricane certified. These awnings were build to protect you from harmful UV rays while keeping you cool and comfortable. 

Permanent Awnings for decks can be the perfect place to read a good book or relax with family and friends. When looking for the perfect permanent awning for your deck you will want to research Sunesta awnings. Whether your deck is level to the ground or raised there is a Sunesta awning that is perfect for you. 

Permanent Awnings for patios are perfect for sitting outside on a hot day while feeling cool while still being protected. The perfect design and feel for your commercial or residential patio is available at Paul Awning and Construction. Patios are the perfect place to put a permanent awning, there are awnings available whether your patio is small or large creating character and comfort to your outdoor space. 

If you’re not sure which color, pattern, or material is best for you, contact Paul Construction for expert advice. We have installed awnings on all types of properties, whether a deck or patio; making it our top priority to make sure our customers are happy and ensure that they get exactly what they have been searching for. 

How to Choose the Best Permanent Awnings in Voorhees

Each home and landscape is unique, so there’s no one-size-fits-all awning that will work for every deck and patio. There are dozens of factors to consider when comparing the options, and overlooking just one of them could lead to buyer’s remorse.

At Paul Construction, we know the questions to ask to help you make the perfect pick:

  • How big is your patio or deck?
  • Are you covering a poolside deck?
  • What is the color of your home’s exterior?
  • Are there lots of trees and other natural elements in your landscape?

These are just a few questions we’ll ask when helping you choose the best permanent awning for your needs. To speak with one of our expert installers, call 610-287-1623.

Why Cheaper Doesn’t Mean Better When Buying a Permanent Awning

Everyone likes to save money, but cheap awnings are usually designed using low-cost materials that start to fade and deteriorate after the first few months of use. Within the first year, a cheap awning might not repel water, and the frame could be tarnished with rust and scratches.

The Sunesta awnings at Paul Construction are made using waterproof materials, so they don’t need a special coating to keep you dry when Mother Nature strikes. They also have a powder-coated frame with a finish that’s four to eight times thicker than paint. Our costumers are most important to us so we only use high-quality materials and use our years of experience to properly install your awning. 

Permanent Awnings in Voorhees | Paul Construction

Besides permanent awnings, we also carry canvas awnings, Sunesta retractable awnings, and the Sunesta Sunplus canopy. Call us today at 610-287-1623 to get a free quote, and be sure to ask about our window and door awnings, Sunesta Sentry retractable screens, and retractable awnings in Voorhees.