Perkasie deck builder

Whether or not you have a large home, adding a deck to the back of the house will instantly give you additional living space to enjoy the beauty of Perkasie from the outside. This outdoor space is great for entertaining, grilling, relaxing, or getting some alone time. For all their deck and outdoor construction needs, Perkasie residents rely on Paul Construction & Awning, the number one Perkasie deck builder, to make their dreams become realities.

Looking For Some Privacy?

While it’s great to have the freedom to walk out on your deck and enjoy the fresh air, sometimes Perkasie residents want to add a little bit of privacy to their outdoor living space without spending too much. A home addition or sunroom is a great way to add a fully enclosed portion off your home, but if you don’t want that level of commitment, just take some simple steps to add some privacy to your deck.

  • Buy some pretty partitions made out of wicker and place them along the border of your deck or around a sitting area that you prefer sectioned off. These are easy to mount and easy to remove!
  • Enjoy some greenery while also adding privacy by planting fast-growing privacy plants. Some trees can grow up to five feet per year! Large shrubs can also do the trick.
  • A pop up canvas gazebo is the perfect way to relax within a four-walled, private escape without the permanence or cost of a wooden structure.
  • Sunesta provides retractable walls and screens that provide shade, privacy, and comfort. Your Perkasie deck builder is a supplier of these industry-leading products and is happy to answer any questions you have about them.
  • For overhead coverage, consider a post and beam addition or an overhead trellis.

There are plenty of ways to create your very own private oasis, even in the heart of Perkasie.

The Number One Perkasie Deck Builder

As the trusted Perkasie deck builder, Paul Construction is not finished with a job until the customer is completely satisfied. That’s why we offer our three point promise:

  1. Satisfaction Guarantee
  2. Investment Guarantee
  3. Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee

With a promise like that, what are you waiting for? Join the other Perkasie homeowners and use Paul Construction, the Perkasie deck builder, for your next home improvement project.

We will answer your questions and provide hand-drawn designs to help create your dream deck. Contact us today to schedule your free in-home consultation.