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Gladwyne is a historic Main Line town that boasts various parks, trails, and beautiful homes. A benefit of living in Gladwyne is the convenience of living near Philadelphia while being situated in a suburban setting. When Gladwyne residents aren’t enjoying a day in the city, they can often be found relaxing on the outdoor patios of their own homes. These homeowners know that patio installation allows for extended living space, entertainment areas, and private relaxation time, but it also increases the value of a home.

Paul Construction & Awning offers patio installation services to homeowners in Gladwyne and beyond, so that families can receive the many benefits of having a patio, including added value to their home. With over 20 years of experience, Paul Construction expertly designs and constructs beautiful custom patios to fit your preferences.

The Value of a Patio

Generally speaking, the more square feet a home has, the higher the value. But what about outside the home? Outdoor living spaces are becoming increasingly more valuable to prospective homeowners, especially in Gladwyne, PA. Residents of this town love being outdoors to take in the stunning scenery that can be viewed from their own backyards. So when shopping for a home, prior patio installation will be a huge selling point.

What are some ways to increase your home’s value with patio installation?

  1. Build a patio in proportion to your home. A big mistake that homeowners make is constructing an overly large or awkwardly small patio that doesn’t seem to fit with the house. This creates an out-of-balance space that loses appeal. Instead, work with your contractor to design a beautiful patio that is in proportion to your home. The proportionate design will add overall value to your property.
  2. Keep it well maintained. Patio installation is just the first step in increasing your property value. After that, you should extend the life of the patio as long as possible by proper maintenance and upkeep. Patios are relatively low-maintenance, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t regularly clear it of dirt and debris, give it a good power wash, replace broken or cracked brick, and be proactive about preventing mold/mildew growth. A patio will no longer be a great selling point if it looks worn and neglected!
  3. Invest in great patio décor. While you don’t have to spend a lot of money to furnish your patio, it is definitely worth creating a comfortable and relaxing space by adding quality furniture and decorations. If you are showing your home, potential buyers want to see how this outdoor space can be utilized and how it brings added value to the home.

Paul Construction Offers Patio Installation Services

If you’re ready to increase the value of your Gladwyne home, contact Paul Construction to discuss patio installation options. With great customer connection, efficiency, and dependability, your satisfaction is guaranteed.