Just because you have a smaller backyard doesn’t mean you and your guests can’t enjoy it. Small backyards have just as much potential to be beautiful outdoor living spaces as large ones, so don’t feel that your design options are limited when it comes to patio ideas for small backyards.

In order for you to make the most out of your smaller backyard, you can take advantage of Paul Construction’s patio ideas that are geared toward making the most beautiful outdoor living space for your home, no matter the size. Continue reading to learn more.

Think Simplistically

Modern exterior design supports a minimalistic approach, so if you have a smaller backyard and are trying to design a patio, don’t think too far outside the box. You don’t need much for your patio to be functional and look great.

If your primary use for the patio will be to create a family space, simply map out an area large enough for a table and chairs. If you have a small space but still want to use it for relaxing, plan out a small part of your backyard that can fit two lounge chairs. Not only will this new patio look sheik and modern, it will still provide beneficial functionality.

patio ideas for back yards

Incorporate Terraces

Terraces add different levels of space to your backyard. They’re beneficial for smaller backyards because they can transform outdoor areas into separate spaces. For example, a backyard with a two-story terrace can feature a base level with a small patio with European-style café seating, a garden on the first terrace level, and a space for lounge chairs on the top terrace. This way you can have all of the design elements of a large patio in your small backyard without having to take up too much space. It’s an innovative idea that will absolutely boost the value of your home and seriously impress your guests.

Utilize the Foliage in Your Backyard

If your smaller backyard is full of plants, shrubbery, and trees, you can use them to your advantage when designing your new patio. Stone pavers don’t take up much space and work well with grass or mulch around them. When designing your patio, go for a circle layout in order to make the most of the area you have and surround it with your garden or other plants you have in your backyard. You don’t need a lot of space to create a small patio sanctuary in your garden that’s hidden behind your foliage.

Smaller backyards provide the potential for homeowners to incorporate modern and innovative outdoor designs. A smaller space shouldn’t limit you, and with the inspiration from our ideas above, you should be able to create an outdoor patio that you love, no matter the space you have.

If you’re looking to build an outdoor patio in your backyard, contact the professionals at Paul Construction LLC for an experienced team that will give you the design and feel you’ve always wanted.