outdoor patio awnings

Have you been shopping around for the best outdoor patio awnings but haven’t been successful in finding a product that you love? Well you can finally end your search, because Paul Construction and Awning has found the solution for you: Sunesta retractable awnings.

Sunesta is the top manufacturer of outdoor patio awnings and other outdoor comfort products. If you need more convincing, keep reading to find out why Sunesta is the best and how Paul Construction can help!

For Outdoor Patio Awnings, Sunesta is the Best!

Sunesta is a pioneer in the customized retractable awning industry and offers unbeatable service and product performance. Sunesta offers three types of retractable awnings:

  1. The Sunesta
  2. The Sunstyle
  3. The Sunlight

Each type offers varying coverage, features, and warranties. But they all offer the same long lasting quality and come with excellent customer service.

There are other awning manufacturers in the industry, but here are some reasons why you are better off choosing Sunesta:

  • Custom made awnings
  • High quality design and construction
  • Large fabric selection to choose from
  • Fast delivery and excellent customer service
  • Great reputation
  • Partners with local professional dealers, like Paul Construction

The founders of Sunesta have transformed the way that homeowners enjoy their outdoor living spaces by providing high quality and functional outdoor patio awnings. With these awnings, you are in control of your comfort and ability to relax outdoors. The unpredictability of the weather may take you by surprise, but it doesn’t have to ruin your plans. If a rain storm passes over, simply extend your outdoor patio awning and continue to enjoy the outdoors. If the sun is unbearably hot or bright, your awning will provide shade and the cool comfort you seek. The best part: you’re not permanently locked in to extended awnings. If you prefer to sit in the warmth of the sun, retract your awning!

Call Paul Construction Today For Your New Outdoor Patio Awning

Sunesta has everything you could ever want or need in an outdoor patio awning. The innovation and high quality nature of the product puts these retractable awnings at the top of the list when it comes to products that aid in your outdoor comfort.

Paul Construction is proud to offer Sunesta products, especially their outdoor patio awnings. We want your retractable awnings to last as long as your deck and patio. We’ll ensure that they’re installed quickly and correctly for immediate enjoyment.

Contact our experts today to discuss your options and schedule an in-home consultation.