With an outdoor kitchen incorporated into your outdoor deck or patio, you can create the ultimate addition to our home. It will be the spot where neighbors, friends, and family can gather to enjoy cookouts, family dinners, and the good times an outdoor kitchen can help create.

When adding an outdoor kitchen to your home, you want to choose the right materials and appliances and use great design ideas so you can get the most out of it. Take a look at four of our outdoor kitchen inspirations below.

Bar counter-top with stools

An outdoor bar helps you to be the best host possible. Your guests will feel as if they’re in a tropical environment as they sit on stools and enjoy the conversation that bar countertops naturally create. And as the host, you’ll have the role of manning your own bar to pour beers and mix drinks, which is fantastic feeling for any homeowner.

Sink and storage space

Outdoor Kitchens for 2015

A sink is a must for any kitchen, outdoor or indoor. With an outdoor sink, you can prepare meals and wash dishes, fruits, and vegetables while remaining with your guests. You won’t need to leave your family and friends to go inside because you’ll be able to
do everything you need to outside. For the perfect functioning outdoor kitchen, you need storage space in the form of drawers for silverware, trash and recycling cans, and baskets to hold glasses and napkins. These spaces will increase the functionality of your outdoor kitchen and provide a much homier feel.

Mini fridge

A built-in mini fridge below your outdoor countertops will make tasty snacks and cold drinks easily accessible, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor kitchen even more. Your mini fridge will be especially useful on gorgeous days and nights when you just don’t want to leave your patio or deck to get something to drink or munch on. In addition, a mini fridge doesn’t take up much space while still providing a modern design aesthetic to the outdoor kitchen.

Grill and countertop

Outdoor GrillA grill can bring everyone together on warm summer nights, and how great would it be to have that grill built right into your outdoor patio or deck? In addition, with countertops around the grill, you’ll have the convenience to go wild and create extravagant dishes in your outdoor kitchen that you would otherwise have to make inside your home.

To make the most of all of your outdoor kitchen appliances, you need them to withstand the outdoor elements. To do so, you’ll need to incorporate durable materials such as stainless steel, stone, or slate. Double check that your outdoor kitchen countertops are approved for exterior use and verify that your deck or patio can support the usage of outdoor kitchen appliances.

If you’re interested in incorporating an outdoor kitchen into your outdoor patio or deck, you can contact Paul Construction LLC to learn about how we can make your outdoor kitchen perfect for you.