countertops for outdoor kitchens

Looking for more reasons to spend time outdoors? Install an outdoor kitchen in your backyard living space. Whether you entertain guests frequently or enjoy cooking for just yourself, you’ll find that you use your outdoor kitchen a great deal. Designing this space requires a good amount of planning and choosing between different options. Countertops for outdoor kitchens is one such important decision when in the planning phase. Be sure to do plenty of research on all types of countertops for outdoor kitchens so that you choose the right one for your home!

Choosing Countertops For Outdoor Kitchens

It’s important to plan for good quality countertops for outdoor kitchens, in addition to enough countertop space, because you will utilize these countertops for food preparation, serving, and storage. And you’ll also want them to be visually appealing to enhance your outdoor space. But visual appeal is quickly lost if the countertops are made of non-durable materials.

The following are popular materials for countertops for outdoor kitchens, and what you should keep in mind for each.

  1. Stone. There are many different types of stone countertops, but they are all very different. Some stone countertops are porous, meaning they absorb moisture. This is true of stones like marble, bluestone, and limestone. They may start off beautiful, but they may quickly become stained by drinks, grease, mustard, etc. However, granite is a very popular stone option because of its durability and beauty. It’s not a porous stone, so it will hold up well to food, drinks, and the elements.
  2. Concrete. On trend right now for their unique and contemporary look are concrete countertops. You will also have an extremely wide range of color options to suit your preferences. However, keep in mind that concrete is prone to cracking, especially if not installed properly. It also must be sealed upon installation, and then resealed on a regular basis.
  3. Tile. Tile countertops are a very common choice because of their durability and easy maintenance. Additionally, they are generally lower cost. But be sure that a waterproof board is installed under the tile or you could run into issues as the countertops are exposed to frequent moisture. In general, it’s better to choose porcelain tile than ceramic tile for outdoor use.
  4. Stainless Steel. While one of the more expensive options, stainless steel is a great option for countertops for outdoor kitchens because they are anti-bacterial, durable, and very low maintenance. But remember: stainless steel has the ability to get quite hot when exposed to the sun!

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