Montgomery County veranda decking

Paul Construction & Awning designs and builds all types of custom decks for homeowners, but Veranda decking in Montgomery County is becoming more and more popular among our customers. Veranda is a top brand of composite decking that looks great and is durable. With the natural appearance of wood and the durability of plastic, Montgomery County veranda decking is a great option!

Should You Choose Veranda Composite Decking Over Wood?

There are many benefits to a wooden deck, including the aesthetics and the value. But there are plenty of arguments to be made for veranda decking in Montgomery County as well. Here are just a few:

  1. Long Lasting. Composite decks have long lives because they’re made of compressed vinyl, wood, and various other recycled materials. These materials cause the deck to be weather-resistant, and last longer in the sun, wind, and rain than a wooden deck.
  2. Low Maintenance. Veranda decking tends to be lower maintenance than wooden decks. Wooden decks require regular staining to maintain an attractive appearance. They are also known to need more upkeep to prevent rot, mold, splintering, cracking, etc. Veranda decking, on the other hand, does not experience these issues with rot or splintering. While it can be susceptible to surface mold, the simple solution is to clean the decking with household cleaners and a brush. No sanding or power washing necessary!
  3. Color Retention. The color of veranda decking tends to be uniform and consistent because the boards are manufactured from the same batch of mixed materials. No more fading to gray like wooden decks, which require regular staining and sealing to prevent a weathered look.

While both wooden decking and veranda decking in Montgomery County are great ways to expand your outdoor living space, there are definitely unique benefits to veranda decking that fit some families’ lifestyles better than wood.

Montgomery County Veranda Decking By Paul Construction

Whatever you choose, Paul Construction & Awning is here to design and build the perfect deck for you and your family. Our three point promise includes satisfaction guarantee, investment guarantee, and lifetime workmanship guarantee. With guarantees like these, there’s almost no risk to you!

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