matching your awnings to your exterior designNew awnings have a plethora of beneficial purposes. They provide cool, shaded spots during hot days, protect valuable outdoor furniture and appliances, and add value to your home with beautiful designs – if you know how to match your new awnings to your exterior design. A new awning set that matches your outdoor living space makes for a beautiful environment.

To help you create a cohesive, aesthetic design between your awnings and your exterior deck or patio layout, Paul Construction has provided some design tips.

• Match your awnings with your home’s outdoor setting. Your new awnings will blend well with your existing exterior design if they match with the setting of your outdoor living space. For example, if you install awnings over a patio that’s surrounded by a wooded area or lush garden, earth tones will match well. If your awnings extend over a poolside deck, brighter or sunnier colors with a striped design pattern are a great combination.

Consider your exterior setting and how your awnings can be designed to be natural extensions of it.

• Choose an awning fabric that matches your home’s architecture. Your awning fabric can be personalized to fit your specific tastes, but you should take the time to think about what awning fabric color will match with the architectural style of your home. Traditionally styled homes usually call for solid neutral colors. Colonials and cottages look great with awnings with a striped design. Southern-styled homes can incorporate brighter colors whether they’re solid or striped.

Different awning styles blend well with different styles of homes, so if you focus on creating a cohesive design between your awnings and the architecture of your home, you’ll get an all-around visually appealing space.

• Match your awning patterns with the size of your outdoor living space. Striped patterns are extremely popular as far as awning designs. However, if not thought out properly, stripes can negatively affect the visual appeal of your outdoor living space. A small patio with an awning that features large stripes can be overwhelming to the exterior design. And vice versa, as small striped patterns on a larger expansive awning that covers a bigger outdoor deck and living area may look too busy. Finding the middle ground between the size of your awning pattern and the size of your outdoor living area will create a beautiful paring of the two.matching your awnings and exterior design

It’s important to select an awning design that looks great with the exterior design of your outdoor living space to create a cohesive exterior environment. A bad choice in awning design will leave you with a visually displeasing living space, so taking the time to consider all of the factors that go into selecting the design for your new awnings will be beneficial for you in the long run. Follow our tips for help as far as how to determine if your awnings are the right design for your space.

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