Mantua, NJ patio

Residents of Mantua, NJ enjoy the beauty and peaceful setting of their town. Lucky for them, Paul Construction & Awning specializes in creating personalized outdoor spaces for homeowners, such as Mantua, NJ patio, deck, and gazebo projects. Don’t have a custom patio of your own? Paul Construction can change that! What are you waiting for?

Mantua, NJ Patio Spaces

A patio isn’t just an area to place your grill and some outdoor seating. You can use it to create a relaxing backyard oasis that draws guests out of the house and into a peaceful paradise. There are plenty of ways to improve the ambience of your Mantua, NJ patio.

  • Incorporate elements of water to get that zen feeling. The trickling sound of water is relaxing and peaceful, especially if you want to drown out any sounds of a busy street. Water features come in many forms. Build a small fountain or install a hot tub around your patio area.
  • If you enjoy bird watching, why not try to find ways to bring the birds to you so you can relax on your Mantua, NJ patio while observing the wildlife. Find out which shrubs and flowers to plant along the perimeter of your patio to best attract birds. Hang some bird feeders and place birdbaths nearby in order to add attractive features that also give the birds a reason to visit your yard!
  • To create a relaxing ambience, you need some mood lighting. There are plenty of outdoor lighting options to use out by your patio. When you want to stay out on your patio even after the sun has gone down, choose subtle lighting, such as beautiful string lights, multi colored LED lights, or solar powered lanterns. Tiki torches are also a great way to enhance your outdoor space after hours.
  • Build a pergola over your patio for a semi covered yet open and airy feel. Lace with flowers and vines to complete your oasis goals.

Need A Mantua, NJ Patio Builder?

Creating the ultimate backyard retreat is simple and affordable when you choose the trusted Mantua, NJ patio builders – Paul Construction & Awning. Mantua, NJ patio owners have come to know and love the construction company that has been servicing the area for over 25 years. If you’re looking to spend more time outside, consider adding a patio to your home. Contact Paul Construction for a free in-home consultation, and we’ll provide you with the patio of your dreams!