How to Prepare Your Bucks County Deck for Winter

For lovers of the outdoors, it’s that bittersweet time of year again, when the days grow colder and shorter as fall fades into winter. Each passing day means one less day of mild weather and fun times in your backyard living space. During the fall months, it’s important to cherish those last weeks of beautiful weather and picturesque fall colors, but it’s also crucial to take measures to ensure your deck stays healthy and well maintained over the harsh East Coast winter. There are a few key measures ever responsible Bucks County deck owner should take in order to prepare the deck for the cold, wet weather conditions ahead:

  • Give your deck a thorough wash – Those fun-filled summer days of backyard barbeques, parties, and time spent with the family can make for memories that last a lifetime. But these activities also leave a very literal history on your deck, in the form of food spills, wear-and-tear from foot traffic, and exposure to the elements. In order to maintain a healthy, long-lasting deck, it’s vital to give it a thorough cleaning with a bleach-free wood cleaner. This will help remove the dirt from foot traffic and the food remnants from summer cookouts, restoring your deck back to the clean finish of day one.
  • Administer a water-repellant finish – As anyone who’s lived in Bucks County for more than one calendar year can attest, the winters can get ugly here. In the Northeast, perhaps more than any other part of the country, it’s imperative to give your deck a protective, water-repellant finish to protect it from the inevitable snowstorms and other wet weather that lies ahead. An unprotected deck in Bucks County is vulnerable to wood damage from rain, sleet, ice, and snow. A water-repellant finish will help ensure you get to enjoy your deck for many years to come.
  • Consider redecorating – Just because you won’t be using it as much doesn’t mean your deck loses importance in the winter months. It’s still a key component of your home, and it’s still important to maintain a sense of aestheticism during this time. Consider replacing warm-weather plants with cold-weather ones, and make use of your deck’s structure for creative, eye-popping visual displays for the holiday season.

We all know spring, summer, and early fall are the main seasons for actually using decks in Bucks County, but the off-season months are a crucial period for responsible deck ownership. Taking these necessary measures to maintain your deck will allow your family to enjoy enriching summer backyard experiences for many years, and keep your deck pristine should you decide to sell your home decades down the line.