retractable awning vs hard coverTo provide the functionality and versatility your outdoor living area needs, it’s beneficial to install a retractable awning. This type of awning lets you soak in the sun when you want to or cool down in the shade when it gets too hot. And the best part is that you can open and close a retractable awning with just the push of a button.

But to maintain efficient usage of your retractable awning, it’s necessary to carry out proper maintenance procedures on it. Since awning maintenance and care is often overlooked, many outdoor living spaces experience awning damage, which forces homeowners to replace or repair their awning.

To help you keep your awning lasting for a long time while staying in good condition, we’ve provided some tips below to maintaining your outdoor awning.

Clean Your Awnings

While it’s tough to add another task to your spring cleaning duties, taking the time to thoroughly clean your retractable awning is important. Mildew can easily build up on a retractable awning, which ultimately will prove detrimental for it.

To effectively clean off any mildew that may have accumulated on your awning and to prevent it from reoccurring, wash your awning with a hose once a month and brush it lightly using a mixture of warm water and non-detergent soap. Don’t use detergent soap on your awning or wait to clean it until the dirt has been building up for a while.

It’s also important to care for the underside of your awning. Without the proper care and attention, you will find that the underside of an awning is a great place for cobwebs, bird’s nests, and insect nests. To remedy this, simply take the time to brush the underside of your awnings at least once a month.

Keep Plants Away from Your Awnings

While plants and trees can add an earthy vibe to your outdoor living space, they don’t mix well with awnings. Most plants, such as bushes and vines, contain acids that aren’t good for the awning’s fabric. And when these plants rub against your awnings, this acid is transferred to the awning and can wear down or stain the awning fabric.

Don’t Let Problems Linger

retractable awnings If you notice that something may be wrong with your awning, take note of the problem and begin working on a solution immediately. Most individuals experience issues with their awnings because they don’t immediately take care of any small rips or tears in the fabric. Eventually, before your eyes, these rips and tears can expand and completely ruin the functionality and appearance of your awning, while the issue could have been quickly resolved by calling a professional for service as soon as you noticed it. Making this call is the difference between making a simple repair and having to install a whole new awning.

If you’re interested in adding a retractable awning to your outdoor living space, you can contact the professionals at Paul Construction LLC for more information on the different types of proper maintenance practices.