long lasting awningsAwnings are a fantastic addition to existing patios or decks. They provide protection from the sun when you want to relax without getting burnt and add a visually appealing aspect to your home. The versatility of awnings lets you enjoy your outdoor living area no matter what the temperature or weather conditions are.

While awnings are versatile and create beneficial aspects that allow you to better enjoy your deck or patio, you want to make sure your awning is protected and remains durable so it lasts all season.

The outdoor elements are unpredictable and can cause your awning to take a beating. Tears, rips, and color fading are regressive to the purpose of your awning, and you want to make sure your awning lives up to its full potential. Do you know if your awning is prepared to hold up all year?

Paul Construction specializes in awning installations, but we want to make sure you know how to maintain the health of your outdoor awning. Read on to find out how you can make your awnings last all year.

Thorough Inspections

It’s vital that you monitor the condition of your awning as the spring and summer seasons progress. Checking for debris buildup and any rips or tears in the fabric will help you identify problems before they get worse. Noticing a small tear will give you the chance to repair it before it gets worse, leading up to the point where you need to get a new awning.

You should clean your awning every couple of weeks. This means taking a broom and brushing off any debris as well as power washing to help maintain the visually appealing aspect of it. If you notice your awning fabric has tough mildew stains, you can remove them with mild soap (Ivory Snow or Woolite), warm water and a soft-bristled scrub brush. Avoid using any product that has detergent in it.

Sunesta Retractable Awnings

Paul Construction is a proprietor of Sunesta retractable awnings. For homeowners looking for durability in their new awning, Sunesta offers an abundance of features that contribute to their long-lasting value. Being the only retractable awning that’s hurricane certified, Sunesta retractable awnings are engineered to hold up against heavy winds and rain. You’ll also receive a 15-year warranty on your retractable awning frame, a 10-year warranty on your fabric, and a five-year warranty on your motor.

tips for long lasting awnings

Retractable awnings also have a significant advantage over regular awnings, seeing that you can pull them back in the event of snow, hail, or other detrimental weather factors. This gives you the ability to keep your awnings safe during the off season when the weather prohibits you from enjoying your outdoor living space.

Although Sunesta retractable awnings have beneficial warranties, are built to hold up against the elements, and can retract to stay protected when you aren’t using them, it’s still important that you check on their well-being to make sure they’re in good condition. You can also purchase rain repellant products for your awnings, such as Scotch Guard.

You can learn more about the potential of Sunesta retractable awnings by contacting Paul Construction LLC.