Glasboro NJ retractable awnings

When you need a contractor that is friendly, dependable, and efficient, choose Paul Construction and Awning. This trusted construction company is the top choice for Glasboro NJ residents when they’re looking to add outdoor elements to their home, such as gazebos, patios, hardscaping, and especially Glasboro NJ retractable awnings. If your backyard area needs some updating, it’s time to call the experts in to do the job.

Why Choose Glasboro NJ Retractable Awnings?

Outdoor living spaces are extremely desirable to homeowners today. The added living area increases the value of your home and also provides tons of benefits to your daily life. If you’re looking for extra ways to enhance your backyard space, consider installing Glasboro NJ retractable awnings.

Paul Construction provides and installs Sunesta products, including window awnings, door awnings, retractable screens (such as the Sunesta Sentry) and patio canopies (such as the Sunesta Sunplus). Sunesta is the go-to source for outdoor products and shading accessories.

Sunesta’s most popular products in Glasboro NJ: retractable awnings. What makes their retractable awnings so great?

  • Fully customizable
  • High quality design and construction
  • Wide variety that is sure to meet your needs
  • Large fabric selection
  • Fast delivery and excellent service
  • Unmatched engineering for perfect performance

You and your family can always be comfortable out on your deck or patio with the ability to protect yourselves from the sun or embrace it when you want to. Other benefits of Glasboro NJ retractable awnings include:

  • Lower cost alternative to building an addition or a sunroom
  • Ease and convenience – you can even use a remote to extend your retractable awnings in Glasboro NJ
  • Grill or cook, even in the rain, with your retractable awning extended above
  • Cut utility costs by decreasing the amount of sunlight that enters your home through windows (less work by the air conditioner)

Paul Construction Provides Retractable Awnings in Glasboro NJ

There are endless benefits to Glasboro NJ retractable awnings. Paul Construction and Awning is committed to providing you with top quality products – that’s why we supply and install Sunesta products, including retractable awnings and retractable screens. Retractable screens offer the luxury of privacy when you need it, and openness when you want it! Say goodbye to pestering insects and nosy neighbors. Lower your screens to create a private outdoor oasis.

If you’re ready to invest in your soon-to-be favorite element of your outdoor living area, contact the professionals at Paul Construction to discuss your options.