bucks county fire pit installation

If you plan on spending a lot of time in your Bucks County backyard this fall, consider enhancing your outdoor time with a fire pit. As the air gets crisper, you can sit close to your fire pit for warmth, ambience, and “cooking” (think s’mores and hot dog roasting).

A fire pit can be part of the design for a custom-built patio. Paul Construction provides a full range of construction services in Bucks County that can include decks, patios, and other structures that fit your needs. But if you currently have a deck or patio and wish to enhance the atmosphere, we suggest adding a one-of-a-kind fire pit that is sure to be the center of entertainment for you and your friends.

Considerations For Bucks County Fire Pit Installation

Fire pit installation in Bucks County is just one of the many construction services offered by Paul Construction. The first decision you have to make before installation is the location. This can become part of your existing patio or deck, it can be incorporated into future design plans for a custom-built patio or deck, or it can even be built into the ground. Regardless of where it is going, it is important to choose a spot away from combustibles, such as:

  • Low-hanging branches
  • Plants and bushes
  • Sheds, fences, or other structures
  • The side of your home

Fire pits can be made with a variety of materials, such as concrete blocks, bricks, or other noncombustible materials.

Once you have the location and the materials picked out, you must decide whether you prefer wood or natural gas.

If you go with natural gas, the fire pit will need to be connected to the gas line. Once this is accomplished, starting a fire is as simple as turning a nob. These fires also cool down quickly.

If you prefer wood, you will be able to burn a hotter fire. And who doesn’t love the sound and smell of crackling wood!

Call Now For Fire Pit Installation in Bucks County

Finally, something that is sure to get the whole family together. Fire pit installation in Bucks County backyards has become a popular construction request. The experts at Paul Construction will work with you to determine the perfect size, setting, design, and materials so you can enjoy your customized fire pit for years to come.

To speak with our friendly professionals, contact us today at (610) 287-1623. We’ll even offer you a free consultation in your home. Don’t wait – call today!