Montgomery County Custom Deck

October is a beautiful month in Pennsylvania. Leaves change, the air is crisp, and many Montgomery County residents adorn their homes with locally-sourced fall favorites and Halloween decorations. While most families focus the majority of their decorating efforts on the front of the home, you shouldn’t forget to include your back deck in the festivities. Paul Construction knows that custom decks in Montgomery County are a great spot to host this year’s Halloween party!

Decking Out Your Deck in Halloween Décor

A custom deck serves many wonderful purposes, most of which include the gathering of friends and family for entertainment, socialization, and relaxation. Halloween is the perfect excuse to plan a party at your home for the kids or the adults. But don’t keep all your guests inside this year – expand the party onto your Montgomery County custom deck! One of the easiest ways to get your deck party ready is to add fun and festive Halloween decorations.

  • Pumpkins are the ultimate fall mascot. They’re beautiful to look at, can be the object of creative carving, and even provide delicious salty snacks. With no shortage of local farms to make your selections, be sure to stock up on pumpkins of varying sizes, shapes, colors, and textures. Put them all around your deck, and don’t forget to carve a few into jack-o-lanterns!
  • Add a ghoulish glow by wrapping orange string lighting around the perimeter of your deck. Some lights come in different shapes, such as pumpkins or skulls. Another eerie lighting option is to project a kaleidoscope-like LED spotlight onto the house. These come in many color options and are commonly sold at party stores.
  • No party is complete without a food table. But for your Halloween party, it shouldn’t be just any food table. Create Halloween-inspired dishes to spook your guests! If you have an outdoor kitchen, it will be easy to whip up some tasty options without making a scary mess inside.

After a night of fun fall festivity, don’t forget to thoroughly clean your deck of any melted candy, spilled drinks, and other debris. The professionals at Paul Construction offer deck power washing to get your deck back in tip-top shape.

Custom Decks in Montgomery County By Paul Construction

There’s no better backdrop for the ultimate Halloween party than the great outdoors underneath the moonlight. A Montgomery County custom deck will help make your party unforgettable.

To start designing your custom deck in Montgomery County, contact Paul Construction to discuss the endless possibilities and the full range of services we provide.