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Custom Sunrooms in Camden | Paul Construction

Sunrooms have become increasingly popular in New Jersey because they offer the perfect spaces for dining with friends and family, children’s playrooms, greenrooms, exercise rooms, and numerous other purposes. The professional contractors at Paul Construction build custom sunrooms in Camden that can enhance both the functionality and aesthetic of any home.

With more than two decades of industry experience, our crew has the knowledge and advanced construction techniques to design beautiful sunrooms that make our clients’ homes more enjoyable places to live. To learn more or to discuss your next project, call us today at 610-287-1623.

What Are the Advantages of a Sunroom over a Screened-in Porch?

Both sunrooms and screened-in porches are excellent options for homeowners who want to enjoy natural surroundings in any weather, but sunrooms have several distinct advantages. They tend to provide better projection from bugs and the elements. Also, a cooling or heating system can be used in a sunroom for added thermal control.

If you’re having trouble choosing between a sunroom and screened-in porch, you should consider whether you intend to use the space year round. Because sunrooms offer better protection from the elements, they tend to be more comfortable than screened-in porches during especially cold and hot days. Thanks to the added protection, you can use electronics, such as TVs and speakers, in a sunroom without having to worry about exposing them to rain.

Should I Use Insulated Glass in My Sunroom?

Using insulated glass is recommended for sunrooms in Camden due to New Jersey’s major temperature fluctuations. Insulated glass will give you better thermal control, which can reduce your power expenses and improve your comfort.

What Are the Advantages of Using Tinted Glass?

Tinted glass is an attractive option for sunrooms because it reduces glare. It can also reduce solar heat gain, thus improving temperature control. Certain tints can also protect furniture and fabric from UV damage.

If you still have questions about sunrooms in Camden, turn to the pros at Paul Construction. Our top priority is to provide exceptional customer service. We will evaluate your aesthetic and functional goals to help you design the perfect sunroom to match your needs, preferences, and budget. Call us today at 610-287-1623 to get a quote.

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