For homeowners trying to determine options for custom patios, choose a setup that best fits your personality and style of house. Patios make a great addition to the home for entertaining guests, friends, and family or for simply relaxing outside and enjoying nice weather.

To fully enjoy a patio, you should have the ideal entertainment options available, considering patio décor and whether to include televisions, speakers, and a barbecue, for example.

Select the Material

First, select the material for a customized patio: slate, wood, concrete, stone, or brick.

Consider how large the patio will be. Large homes can have large patios, but you’ll need plenty of furniture and entertainment options to make it look its best.

Choose a Patio Set

If you have a small patio area, you may consider using a three-piece patio bistro set. If you have several guests or family members who come over often, then use the small area wisely with two couches and a lounge chair with one or two tables placed strategically on the patio.

If you have a medium to large patio, you can select furniture for multiple seating. Place two couches and seats on one side while placing a three-piece set or a dining table on the other side of the patio. This allows for more mingling among guests.

patio entertainment

Pick the Patio Décor Material

Depending on where you live will help determine what type of patio set you should use. If you live in an area that has four seasons, then pick an aluminum frames of resin wicker because it will be durable and easy to clean. For areas with lots of sunny weather, you’ll want non-fading pillows and cushions made of polyester. If you live in an area with plenty of rain, cover the furniture but also choose an anti-rusting material covered with epoxy coating. Avoid metals that will rust and fade.

Pick a Patio Cover

You can go with an easy patio set with an umbrella, table, and four chairs. But for something more inviting, use lounge chairs and couches.

Use coverage that will extend from the roof of the house, such as an awning, to help protect from the sun and bad weather. This is a less expensive alternative or you can go all out with a beautiful roof that matches the roof of your home with concrete posts and quarter brick or stone walls. If you live in an area that has plenty of sun all year-round, then choose roofing for your patio that allows the sun to shine through wooden beams.

Having a customized patio will not only enhance the appearance of your home but will also raise the value. When patio furniture is displayed properly, you’ll be able to include a place for items such as a barbecue and a television, which can be placed under an awning or roofing with speakers.

If there’s still plenty of space, you may consider including a fire pit. And when there isn’t a lot of space, consider using heating lamps during the colder season.

There are many options available to revamp your patio. Contact Paul Construction for more information.