deck repair services in Bucks County

The beautiful weather this season has drawn us all outdoors to bask in the warmth and brightness of summer sun. Homeowners with custom decks are taking full advantage of their outdoor living space by sunbathing, grilling, and entertaining. But what happens if your outdoor plans are put on hold because of a deck defect? Instead of deeming your deck out of commission for the summer, call a reliable contractor that provides deck repair services in Bucks County.

Common Deck Repairs

As a deck owner, it’s wise to regularly assess the current state of your deck. You should do a visual inspection to check for some of the most common problems and seek repairs before it gets worse.

Here are some common deck problems requiring deck repair services in Bucks County:

  1. Loose Ledger. In order to attach decks to a house, a ledger is used for support. A ledger is a long pressure-treated board that supports each floor board. Unfortunately, due to decay or poor installation, a deck can collapse. In order to avoid such a catastrophe, check the bolts that are fastened along the house. These bolts should be tightly fastened into the housing frame. If the ledger is split or cracked, it should be replaced. You should also have a metal flashing running along the ledger to prevent rot. If your ledger does not have flashing, one must be installed. This could be simple or more labor intensive depending on whether the decking runs parallel or perpendicular to your house.
  2. Weak Posts. If you have an elevated deck, it is supported by vertical posts from a concrete pier on the ground up to the deck frame. Check that each post is firmly attached to both the concrete pier and the deck. If the post feels soft and spongy when poked, this indicates wood rot. Any signs of decay or damage require replacement.
  3. Damaged Decking. Most decks are wooden and should be thoroughly inspected for rot, water damage, splintering, and insect infestation. You should visually inspect, in addition to walking back and forth on each board. If you see signs of such defects, replace all damaged deck boards.

Call For Bucks County Deck Repair Services

If your deck inspection turns up any problems or defects, you should repair them immediately. What starts out as small may quickly become a very big issue. Paul Construction & Awning is a reliable construction company with over 25 years of experience. We provide trusted deck repair services in Bucks County, and we guarantee your satisfaction.

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