Deptford patio

Most people are looking to save money any way they can. One great way to save money this time of year is to spend more time at home on your custom Deptford patio. Transform your patio into your own backyard oasis so that your staycation feels just as luxurious as an island retreat. Deptford patio décor and design does not have to break the bank. There are plenty of ways to perfectly decorate your patio while staying within your budget.

Perk Up Your Deptford Patio

Paul Construction and Awning, a top Deptford patio contractor, knows how important it is to their customers to personalize their patio by adding furniture, decorations, and other additions. After all, a Deptford patio is supposed to be enjoyable outdoor space. Here are some budget-friendly ways to decorate your patio this summer.

  • Reuse and Refurnish. Need new patio furniture? Refurnish an old table that you already own, or look for one at a second hand store. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders. You can also search online tutorials to learn how to make no-sew slip covers for your chair cushions.
  • Plant Life. Bring some life to your Deptford patio by adding greenery. Select plants that are low maintenance. This cost-effective option will bring some vibrancy to your outdoor oasis.
  • Add Lighting. Soft lighting creates the perfect ambience for those evenings that you want to relax on your Deptford patio. Try Sunesta’s LED lighting to continue the fun even after the sun goes down.
  • Keep it Simple. If your Deptford patio is on the smaller side, you don’t need to add much in order to make it feel inviting. Keep it simple and intentional. A few throw pillows on the chairs, glass bottles filled with fresh flowers, and a center piece of your preference will warm the place up in no time.

Refreshing your Deptford patio this summer does not require expensive purchases. Be creative to stay within your budget.

Paul Construction Can Help You With Your Deptford Patio Needs

The friendly professionals at Paul Construction are well known for their superior design expertise and high quality workmanship. A custom patio, deck, or outdoor kitchen added to your home will allow you to utilize your backyard like never before!

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