Bucks County Patio Awnings

Sitting out on your custom patio is a great way to enjoy summer afternoons. Whether you like to spend your lounge time reading, grilling, catching up with friends, or just finding a few minutes of solace, it’s helpful to create shade when you need it and bask in the sun when you want the added warmth. That’s why Bucks County patio awnings are a popular option for outdoor living spaces. No longer do you have to fight to read your book due to sun glare. No need to sweat because you’re sitting in the direct sun. If you don’t own a Bucks County patio awning yet, Paul Construction & Awning is the Bucks County construction company that installs and repairs Sunesta awnings, a top-rated retractable awning manufacturer.

Types Of Bucks County Patio Awnings

Not sure where to begin when shopping for patio awnings in Bucks County? Paul Construction has you covered, literally and figuratively! As a provider and installer of Sunesta awnings, you can count on getting the best quality product at a great price.

Sunesta offers three types of patio awnings:

The Sunesta

This retractable awning is the largest of the three and perfect to shade your patio completely when needed. With automatic arm alignment in its retracted position and a projection of over 14 feet, the Sunesta is a wonderful product. It also boasts a 15-year warranty.

The Sunstyle

As the second-largest Sunesta retractable awning, the Sunstyle has a maximum projection of 11 feet 6 inches. It’s the perfect option for a medium-sized patio. This product has a 12-year warranty.

The Sunlight

Don’t need a Bucks County patio awning quite as large as the other two? The Sunlight might be your best bet! This awning projects to a maximum of 10 feet. It’s secured with two PVC-protected arm cables and has protective hardware covers. The Sunlight comes with a 10 year warranty.

With any of these three products, you can choose when you want shade and protection, and when you want full sunlight. Bucks County patio awnings are convenient, cost effective, beautiful, and provide great protection.

Paul Construction Is Committed To Your Satisfaction

The professionals at Paul Construction & Awning want to provide you with Bucks County patio awnings that will last for as long as you need them. That’s why we stand behind Sunesta products, including their retractable awnings. If you want to hear more about these great products, contact Paul Construction today for more information. We also provide awning repair and cleaning.