Best Retractable Awning

Are you in the market for the best retractable awning to cover your outdoor space? Look no further than Sunesta, the leading awning manufacturer. If you want to engineer the perfect day during the hot summer months or the unexpected rain shower, Paul Construction and Awning can supply and install the best retractable awning for your family to enjoy for years to come.

What Makes Sunesta So Great?

There are plenty of awning companies out there that claim they offer the best product on the market. But Sunesta backs up their claims with numerous reasons why they truly provide the best retractable awning currently available to their customers.

  1. Durability. You can find plenty of awnings out there that are low-priced, but the tradeoff is that you’re getting a low quality product. Sunesta awnings are competitively priced, yet their quality is not sacrificed. These retractable awnings are made of 100% solution-dyed synthetic fabric, which helps extend the life of an awning by making it resistant to fading from sun exposure, resistant to mold and mildew growth, and waterproof. The sturdy metal frames are powder coated to prevent scratching and rust.
  2. Customization. One size does not fit all. Sunesta understands that and knows it’s important to homeowners to be able to customize the size and look of their awnings. Sunesta awnings are made-to-order and can fit any size door or window. With this total customization, you can order in sizes to precisely match the area it will be covering, and you can choose from over 150 fabric options.
  3. Warranties. The true value of a product cannot be determined without factoring in available warranties. Sunesta offers great warranties on its retractable awnings. The Sunesta awning boasts a 15 year warranty; the Sunstyle a 12 year warranty; and the Sunlight a 10 year warranty.

Sunesta retractable awnings are also easy to clean and maintain. Although it definitely doesn’t require an expert to handle the occasional rinsing of your awning, Paul Construction does offer thorough awning cleaning and repair when you’d like an extra helping hand.

Contact Paul Construction For the Best Retractable Awning

Whether you’re looking to cover a door, window, patio, deck, or any other outdoor area, you need to make sure you’re choosing the best retractable awning out there. The helpful experts at Paul Construction can assist you with determining your size and projection needs. We’ll also provide quick and efficient installation of your brand new, custom awning.

So what are you waiting for? Call today to discuss your options!