It’s nice to be able to use your patio in the cooler months, and there are many ways to heat your patio. You can use a portable electric or gas unit, for example. And if you’d like something more permanent, you can add an outdoor heater that’s connected to your home’s gas system and hangs from the wall or ceiling.

The method you use to heat your patio will depend on the amount of money you have to spend and the size of the area that you want keep comfortable.

The following are a few options:

Fire Sense Commercial Patio Heater

Suitable for large residential patios or outdoor restaurants, the Fire Sense commercial patio heater has an output of 46,000 BTUs. The top-mounted aluminum reflector deflects heat downward, and there’s a safety shut-off valve in the event that the unit tips over. Wheels mounted to the bottom of the unit make it easy to move, and the pilot ignition make it easy to start when you get it positioned. This unit is for outdoor use only.

Fire Sense Electric Patio Heater

Like its gas-fired sibling, the Fire Sense electric patio heater can be used on patios and lanais during cooler weather but can also can be used indoors. This heater uses standard household electricity and infrared heat to chase of the chill in the air. It has wheels mounted on the base that enable easy maneuverability from one room to the next.

AZ-Patio Heater HLDSO-WGTHG-Hammered

This attractive patio heater has a pyramid shape and a square top deflector and stands at a height of 91 inches. The propane tank (not included) fits in the base of the heater, giving the unit more stability. It has a tip-over safety shut off in the event of a mishap. The wheels are mounted to the base for ease of portability. The two quartz heating tubes put out 40,000 BTUs, which heats a 5-foot radius.

Fire Sense Stainless Steel Deluxe Patio Heater

Heating a radius of 18 feet with its 37,000-BTU burner, the Fire Sense stainless steel patio heater will keep you and your family warm on even the coolest evenings. Its safety shut-off valve will keep you safe if it tips over, and the Piezo electronic ignition will assure safe starts for your heater. The base-mounted wheels make for easy transport, and the stainless steel construction will ensure years of dependable use.

Endless Summer Stainless Steel Triple-Domed Patio Heater

The distinctive triple deflectors mounted on the Endless Summer Patio Heater give it an unusual look. However, they take the 24,000 to 40,000-BTU adjustable stainless steel burners and move the heat downward. The auto off switch that detects tipovers and the low oxygen automatic shut-off feature make it a safe way to heat your patio or outside area.

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