Sunesa AwningsSummer brings an eclectic variety of weather conditions across Pennsylvania. Days can be incredibly hot, but then the temperature drops 10 degrees behind a cold front, and sunny afternoons are often paired with torrential downpours throughout the season. To cope with the unpredictability of the weather during summer in Pennsylvania, your outdoor living space needs the proper awnings to keep you comfortable.

Because of how spontaneous the weather in Pennsylvania can be during the summer, retractable awnings are the best option for your outdoor living space. With the push of a button, you can extend your awning to give you shade during scorching hot days or protect certain appliances from the rain. Retractable awnings can also pull back to give you sunlight when you want to tan and the temperature is perfect.

Paul Construction offers an array of different Sunesta retractable awning products that you can use to equip your outdoor deck or patio to combat the changing weather forecasts of Pennsylvania summers. Continue reading to learn about the three different Sunesta retractable awnings that are the best awnings for Pennsylvania summers.


The largest option of Sunesta retractable awnings, the Sunesta, can project up to 14 feet 8 inches with widths up to 40 feet to cover an expansive outdoor deck or patio. The Sunesta is perfect for protecting entire outdoor kitchens or dining areas from harsh weather during Pennsylvania summers, but the retractable awning feature lets you light up a large space with the natural summer light.


A medium-sized retractable awning, the Sunstyle projects up to 11 feet 6 inches, but it can cover widths up to 40 feet. This allows for great awning coverage over lounge areas, hot tubs, or small patio areas. Custom fabric selections allow you to personalize your awning to match your outdoor living area. The Sunstyle also has a front bar drop valance for low sun protection.


The smallest of all of the Sunesta retractable awnings, the Sunlight can project up to 10 feet and cover a width of 24 feet. Even though it’s the smallest choice, the Sunlight can still provide complete sun control for your perfect retreat. Its smaller profile gives your outdoor living space a visually appealing design extension without being overbearing or obtrusive. If you have a smaller outdoor deck or patio, the Sunlight is the perfect retractable awning that will give you shade or sunlight during Pennsylvania summers.

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The wide range of Sunesta retractable awning products offered by Paul Construction provides individuals with a great opportunity to prepare their outdoor living space for the Pennsylvania summers. No matter the size of your outdoor deck or patio space, a Sunesta awning will not only offer premier protection but also add value to your home by creating a visually appealing exterior design extension. And the retractable aspect of the awning lets you personalize how you, your family, and guests can relax, no matter what the Pennsylvania weather brings

If you’re interested in learning more about the potential of a Sunesta retractable awning for your outdoor living space, contact the professionals at Paul Construction LLC.