traditional home awningsTraditional homes offer a sense of elegance and luxury without having to try. Their natural, historic appeal provides a homey vibe on its own, which is why the design is so popular among properties today. But did you know that the comforting appeal of a traditionally designed home can stretch to your awning selection?

Your awnings can enhance the appeal of your traditional home beyond the architectural design, and Paul Construction is here to help you make sure that you choose the right ones. Continue reading for some inspiration for awning styles for your traditional home.

Pinstriped Awning-Shaded Porch

There are few things more traditional than a home with a front or back porch, and if you’re looking for awning installation, you should start there. An awning-shaded porch provides a summer retreat for you and your family, where you can enjoy the outdoor weather without overheating. By incorporating a pinstripe design into your awnings, you give your porch a traditional design appeal that looks as pleasing and comfortable as it is.

When selecting your pinstripe design, think traditionally and don’t go overboard. Your pinstripe design should include two or three colors but no more than that.

Scalloped Valance

Traditional awnings are usually slanted downwards to provide a wide range of sun protection, but you can add some new design aspects to create a pleasing and unique awning appearance. For example, update your traditional awnings to include a scalloped valance at the bottom, which boosts the appeal of your awning and sets it apart from the generic awning design.

While traditional awnings work well with the designs of traditional homes, there’s some room for design freedom. A scalloped valance is just one of the many tweaks you can make on a traditional awning design. You can also remove the side wings of your traditional awning to create a simplistic one that isn’t overbearing.

Opaque Window Awnings

awning styles of traditional homesFront-facing windows have always been a staple of traditional home designs, but you can add to their appeal with small, solid-color awnings slanted over top of them. Opaque, tightly woven window awnings not only add to the visual appeal of your home, but they also do a great job of blocking sun to keep your rooms cool so you can save money and energy cooling your home.

The front of your home is the first thing your guests will see, so installing beautiful window awnings will boost the traditional appeal and provide a comforting welcome.

Your traditional home can significantly benefit from the addition of traditional-styled awnings. Whether you’re adding awnings to your windows, porch, or back patio, picking the right ones will help to create a balanced design that will boost the visual appeal of your outdoor design.

If you’re looking for some assistance with choosing the right awning style for your traditional home, you can speak to the professionals at Paul Construction LLC for advice and premier installation.