Bucks County patio installation

Would you like to add flair and function to your Bucks County home? A great way to do so is by having a patio installed. To help you brainstorm the perfect patio design for your family, we here at Paul Construction wanted to share these four great patio ideas. Enjoy!

  1. Garden Patio: If you have a garden, you know how much time it requires to keep all of your plants looking great. By adding a patio beside or even in your garden, you’ll be able to appreciate your hard work and the beauty of nature while you relax. In addition, you can add a beautiful walkway from your home to the garden patio to tie the design together.
  2. Fire Pit Patio: Sitting around a crackling fire is a relaxing activity for family and friends to partake in. However, it can be a pain to have to set up the fire pit in your yard each time you want to enjoy a fire. Save yourself this step by having a fire pit built directly into your patio!
  3. Outdoor Bar Patio: If you’re going to be using your outdoor living space to host parties, then you’ll definitely want to have an outdoor bar on your patio. Depending on your budget and your needs, you can choose between a wet bar and a dry bar. If you’d like your patio bar to be equipped with running water, a refrigerator, and an ice maker, then a wet bar is for you. If you’re looking for a more economical solution that simply gives you a place to make drinks outside, then a dry bar will suit you just fine.
  4. Fountain Patio: Looking to impress your guests? Make a statement by using a fountain as the centerpiece for your patio! While this may seem like it will be an expensive addition, that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Outdoor fountains are easy to find for great prices online and in the garden section of most home improvement stores.

Are you interested in adding one of these marvelous patios or some other type of patio to your home? Choose Paul Construction as your Bucks County patio contractor. Since 1994, we’ve been creating stunning patios for families all across the area. As construction experts, we can make your patio vision a reality no matter how simple or extravagant it may be.

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