3 Creative Deck Seating Ideas

Cheap deck furniture is unreliable and prone to falling apart when exposed to the elements. If you want to upgrade your outdoor seating so it’s equal parts comfortable, beautiful, and durable, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we’ll discuss a few built-in deck seating ideas that will take your home’s exterior to the next level.

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Read on for a few creative deck seating ideas:

1. Curved Benches

Do you have a round or oval deck? Curved benches are the ideal bookends to your design, providing abundant seating without taking up too much space. The curved shape will streamline your layout, creating a modern and stylish aesthetic that will add curbside appeal.

At Paul Construction, our team has experience working with a wide variety of materials and curved bench designs. We can customize your new curved seating to meet your aesthetic goals.

2. L-Shaped Benches

Whether you’re building around an obstacle or want to make use of untapped space on the fringes of your deck, an L-shaped bench is the perfect solution. Designed to enhance your deck’s clean straight lines, this modern seating option is an antidote to the clutter of furniture that mars an otherwise beautiful outdoor area.

3. Fire Pit Benches

Whether you’re keeping warm and roasting marshmallows in the winter or grilling some choice cuts in summer, a fire pit is a beautiful centerpiece for your deck. Fire pit benches encircle your fire pit, creating an intimate and cozy space to enjoy with guests.

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